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Duplicate Billing

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Duplicate BillingFirst and foremost, let's define what we mean by duplicate billing before we begin.
Duplicate Billing: Charging Twice For the Same Service, Drugs, Or Supplies.

There are a lot of errors that can happen with medical billing, which is why so many different claims over the course of a year can be denied by insurance companies. One of the top three common mistakes is that of duplicate billing. This usually happens as a result of putting in the same service, drugs or supplies twice. It will stop an insurance company from paying and will be sent back to the sending office.

Just as it is common to accidentally mmissppell a word when typing or even type it twicetwice, the same can happen in medical billing. It can either be keyed or coded twice or it can even be submitted two different ways but ultimately produces the same service.

Some scrubbing software will catch these mistakes, however if the software isn?t present, the mistakes need to be caught manually. Auditing all medical bills before they get sent off is essential to catching these mistakes, yet it doesn?t always happen.

When these happen, the medical bills are usually sent off because the person doing the data entry doesn?t have time to look anything over. They submit, thinking that they did everything correctly.

Potential billing errors, such as duplicate billing, happens every single day. As insurance companies and even clients get their hands on these bills, they send them back to the doctor?s office instead of paying them because they are incorrect. The time that it takes to re-submit is then slowing down the process for payment and doctor?s offices have to wait longer and longer to be reimbursed for the services that they are performing.

So why is this happening? Medical billing is a very comprehensive project and many staff is simply overwhelmed by the amount of work that they have or the fact that they are forced to multi-task because of being short-handed in the office.

A simple solution for avoiding duplicate billing and other coding mistakes is to hire a company, like Sage Medical Billing, that will take care of all of the medical billing on the doctor?s behalf. This enables doctors and other medical offices to take care of what they need to get done and leave the professionals to handle the medical billing. Third party medical billers have the extra set of eyes to look for mistakes and the software needed so that there are no costly errors that will slow down the process of getting paid. When you are ready to stop duplicate billing, contact Sage and let?s talk about how we can help.


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